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This is a blog in which I'll post/comment on things within the music industry. Mostly in an effort to gain knowledge for myself. Most everything will be my opinion and I am fully aware that I do not know A LOT, so if I'm wrong about something, I'm sorry, let me know cause I'm trying to make myself less ignorant. I hope to work in the industry one day, preferably as an Artist Manager (My friends have already started calling me The Mandager cause my name is Manda - hence the title of the blog) but I'm not dead set. Currently looking at schools with a business degree relating to music business.


This is why I think the marketing side of the music industry is so interesting and appealing to me. You literally have to market to everyone. 

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How artists really make money in the cloud – or don’t


On the Culture Bully blog, Chris DeLine takes whack at almost every indie band, label and publicist that ever tried to get the attention of a music journalist. “How to Fail at Promoting Music Online” is both a chronicle of bad behavior and a roadmap to more successful pitches. Here is a summary of Deline’s beefs:

Excellent… I’ve done a few of these mistakes in my lifetime :)


Thanks to the folks at for providing all this great information. As arts managers in our generation these are really important things to think about for the future of our field. It is so important that we utilize every tool we have to promote and expand the arts, what ever they may be. 


One of the cold, hard facts about the music biz is that no matter how good a musical artist you are, having a successful public career is not just about your music, but also about your public image–your brand. In other words–how you are perceived by the public.

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I had some people ask me questions about how to start touring from a band’s standpoint, so here’s a write-up of some of the key things to keep in mind:

So, you’ve been playing music for years around town and finally want to branch out and travel the world. Don’t know how? Don’t worry. Here’s a…

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There’s this new website called Essentially it’s like the FourSquare of music and bands… sort of. What it is, is a social networking site devoted to fans of music and artists. You essentially “fan” and “sign” bands in order to promote them and have them become more well…

Evenbrite and other ticketing platforms offer low fees and tools for social marketing, but FanFueled is unique in paying up to 50% of serivce fees back to fans helping to sell tickets. They receive points that can be used toward exclusive merchandise or special marketing offers set up between the event and FanFueled.


How Mobile Has Changed The Music Industry


Mobile devices have completely changed the way we consume music. It wasn’t so long ago that I would physically go to a store to browse for an album. Today, I can stream pretty much any song ever recorded on my smartphone, for free, anywhere I have access to the Internet.

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Warped Tour jobs are very tough to snag, so only the best of the best are on the tour each year. It is very competitive out there, so you need to take advantage of time to build your resume. That is, if you haven’t made it on the tour full-time, focus on building your resume throughout the year. If you’re in college taking classes, try to do street marketing or a part-time internship on the side. If you’re in high school and don’t live in an urban area, try to street team, interview bands or start a website. Just think outside of the box on things you can do to get ahead! Don’t forget to save your resume as a pdf and also have it up on Linkedin!