The Mandager

This is a blog in which I'll post/comment on things within the music industry. Mostly in an effort to gain knowledge for myself. Most everything will be my opinion and I am fully aware that I do not know A LOT, so if I'm wrong about something, I'm sorry, let me know cause I'm trying to make myself less ignorant. I hope to work in the industry one day, preferably as an Artist Manager (My friends have already started calling me The Mandager cause my name is Manda - hence the title of the blog) but I'm not dead set. Currently looking at schools with a business degree relating to music business.
Give the labels credit, they licensed Spotify. Stop bitching about what Spotify pays, you’re missing the point, Spotify kills piracy dead, it no longer makes sense to spend all that time stealing when you can have everything instantly at your fingertips. Think about all that money left on the table for the last ten years. Sure, eventually you could buy overpriced files at the iTunes Store, but illegal acquisition has dwarfed legal consumption for a decade, and label revenues have been decimated. This is a business plan? The labels would have been better off licensing trading operations.
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